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Sunwatt Australia supply, deliver and install solar hot water systems to suit your home or business. Sunwatt use Rheem solar hot water systems including roof tanks, ground tanks and even combination solar/gas tanks. Call Sunwatt today to find out more about these and other great green technologies.

Stainless steel storage cylinders roof mounted solar water heaters for long life. The Rheem solar hot water systems are available in the colours listed below. Save on energy costs and reduce fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Hiline roof mounted systems

The Premier Loline and Premier® Hiline solar water heaters are both indirect solar water heaters specifically designed for cooler climates and areas with poor water quality.

Premier® Loline split mounted systems

Indirect models are designed for frost prone areas and work in much the same way as direct models but rather than heating water ‘directly’ in the solar collectors, heat exchange fluid with anti-freeze properties is heated. This in turn ‘indirectly’ heats the water. Indirect heating prevents water freezing and damage to collectors.

Complete frost protection.

  • Split design reduces the structural load on your roof.
  • Top mounted solar connections on the tank are located safely out of reach of children
  • Features drain back technology to prevent freezing of collectors in cold conditions and overheating in hot climates.
  • Electric and Gas boosted models available.
  • Complete frost protection.
  • Space saving design, a complete roof mounted installation featuring a durable, light weight stainless steel tank.
  • Uses the sun energy to transfer the heat exchange fluid from the collector to the storage tank
  • Electric and Gas boosted models available. No: 52H300K/2SModel No: 591270/2SINDIRECT  

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